“We keep looking at the work in amazement”



“Thank you so much for your help to paint my kitchen and ceilings and the huge job of clearing up garden waste and rubbish and taking it all away to the tip. This has helped us out massively and we are so grateful. We keep looking at the work done in amazement. Such an amazing team of people and the selflessness and generosity is huge!”

It was so good to get this feedback after a recent project we arranged for York Vineyard Church’s ReVive team – and it was a massive encouragement to those who carried it out.

A team of nine helped a family in Tang Hall clean, paint and clear their house and garden and you can see what an impact their more than 30 man hours of work had in the photos above. Splitting into two groups, half stripped and painted the kitchen walls and ceiling and then painted the ceilings in the spare room and living room. The other half headed out into the garden.

Joanna Allen, who leads the ReVive team, said: “The ones who went outside were the young people, which was fantastic as there was a lot of hard, physical work to do such as moving rubble.

“There was a huge amount to do, but it was actually really good fun. For any family to find that amount of time on their own would have been nigh on impossible.”

As the pictures show, the team filled up a serious number of bin bags!

Joanna added: “The mum let us pray with her at the end, which was brilliant. We always pray ourselves before and afterwards, but it is so good to involve the recipients too.”

The ReVive team carry out a Besom project each month and have found God has really strengthened and built them up in faith as they serve.

“Sometimes we go back to the same recipient,” said Joanna. “We have one person we have been going to regularly for the last two years. We are just doing different bits and pieces for him.

“If people want to keep in touch, we love to do that.”