We’re part of a Besom family

The Besom in York is part of a national network of Besoms. At the time of writing, there are about 25 Besoms across the country. Each one runs slightly differently, but all with the same aim – to help build the bridge between those who have, and those in need.

A few weeks ago, the Northern Besoms met together in Sheffield. The northern Besoms include us, The Besom in Sheffield and The Besom on the Wirral (most of the other Besoms are down south!).

As ever, we love meeting with people from other Besoms. We really enjoyed worshipping together, praying for each other and sharing the ups and downs we face. It was great to hear stories from Sheffield and the Wirral too, countless accounts of God’s miraculous provision, sofas fitting into rooms perfectly, enough money given to buy a van, recipients coming to know Jesus, perfect matches of things prayed for and things offered. It was a really blessed, encouraging time.

You can find out more about the Besom as a national network at www.besom.com


‘Besomers’ at the Nothern Conference