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Christmas Hamper FAQ


I’ve filled in my form, what happens next? 

The Besom Team will get in touch with you and let you know who you can make your hamper for w/b 13th November.  Please check your spam folder for our emails!

 How do people receive Christmas Hampers? 

Everyone who receives hampers from us is referred to us by a care professional or key worker. For example, school pastoral workers, social workers, probation support, child need teams, health visitors, domestic abuse support workers, local area teams etc. If you are in need of a hamper this Christmas and you live in the York area, please contact someone who is supporting you in a professional capacity and ask them to fill in our referral form above.

 Should I wrap the presents in my hamper? 

To make sure everything that goes in a hamper is appropriate, please don’t wrap presents so we can double check what’s in each hamper. 

 When can I deliver my hamper to the office? 

As soon as possible please! We are mostly in the office on Mondays (9.30-1pm) and Wednesdays (9.30-2pm).The last date for drop off is Wednesday 7th December, although please try and get it to us before this date. The office address is on the email you have been sent.

Can I put second hand items in the hamper?

Yes, you can. As long as they are in really good condition (i.e. a gift you would be happy to receive yourself). For food, please make sure things are new and unopened.

What box should I use?

It’s great to use something useful to pack your hampers into, for example a washing basket, large gift bag, basket or storage box. You could also use a wrapped cardboard box.

Can I put handmade items in the hamper?

Yes you can, but please avoid home cooked/baked goods. 

Can I put fresh food in the hamper?

Please avoid fresh food, although all the hampers are delivered by Christmas, we can’t guarantee exactly when they will be delivered. To save waste food, please stick to packaged food and check the dates too!