Important Covid-19 Update

[written 31st March 2020]

Thank you for your patience in this unprecedented time. Even during such uncertain circumstances, we remain committed to our vision and purpose: helping the church in York to pray for, care for, support and give to those in need in our city.  


Some of the ‘usual’ ways people give through the Besom in York and Bundles of Joy are not possible in the current situation. However, there are still ways to give.

We are passionate about prayer. We will endeavour to serve the church in York by encouraging and equipping the church to pray to our Heavenly Father. Do check our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages for prayer prompts. We continue to pray that Christians in York will be led by God to give financially to those who are vulnerable and in need. We remain committed to helping people give financially and to ensuring financial gifts are used specifically and effectively.  

We believe God is a creative God and we pray that Christians in York continue to be led by Him about how they can give their time to others, in these challenging circumstances. Working within the current constraints, we are committed to helping Christians who want to give their time to those in need.

Please note, currently: 

  • We are only carrying out essential/urgent deliveries
  • We not currently collecting any items
  • We are not facilitating any face-to-face time giving projects
  •  We are still taking referrals from care professionals and key workers

Thank you for your ongoing support and for giving through the Besom in York.