Recent Sweepings*

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged .. so much has been happening at the Besom and Bundles of Joy!

If you follow us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter you may have seen that our biggest news is that we have moved offices! We are now based at Living Word Church on Huntington Road and are only one flight of stairs away from Bundles of Joy! Being in the same building has been so beneficial for both of us and we’re excited to keep working closely together in the future.

In other huge news, we have been given some wonderful storage space in the form of Living Word Church’s basement. It has been such a help for us to be able to sort out everything that’s been given to us plus having all our decorating and gardening equipment where we can see it!

The wonderful ReVive Team from York Vineyard gave a Saturday afternoon last month to paint, tidy, build shelves and essentially revive it for us! We can’t quite explain the difference it’s made, we are so grateful for them and their skills! We are also incredibly grateful to Catherine and Sue, two of our time givers who have spent many hours tidying and sorting the storage space. Here are some before and after photos –


And the fantastic team!


In other news…

At the start of March we began to pray for five specific things. And by the end of March all five things had been given! We’ve been blown away by God’s generosity to us, and He has confirmed to us that He is, as ever, so faithful. He knows our every need.


Last week, we received a referral for a set of curtains for a baby’s room. Bundles of Joy had one set in, and it was exactly the right size. Not only that, but it came with matching cot bedding, and the family also needed cot bedding!

We also had a team from a Salt and Light Church spend a day and a half decorating an entire flat for a gentleman living in Holgate. They did an absolutely fantastic job! We were also given just enough money a few days previously to cover the cost of materials.

We have been so encouraged too, to be given a new home hamper by a family in York who saved all their Nectar points and wanted to use them by buying some things for people in need. Beautiful towels, kitchen utensils, plates, mugs and bowls are now ready to bless a family who need them.

Last week we delivered three lots of household items to different families in York, the ReVive Team spent an afternoon decorating for a mum in Tang Hall and we bought seven stairgates for families in need. This week we are heading to the Northern Besom Conference on Saturday where we will be meeting with friends from The Besom on the Wirral and The Besom in Sheffield. We are also taking a delivery of lots of Easter Eggs and two TVs have been given this week too! So it’s all systems go!

Please pray for us as we head into the summer term. Pray that we be able to help even more people give and that we would rely on God, not on our strength to do what’s He has called us to.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3 v 5-6)

besom-2.pngBecky Lewis, Co-ordinator, The Besom in York

* As the Besom is named after a type of broom and our tagline is ‘sweep away suffering’, Recent Sweepings was the name of a regular newsletter from our pre-blog days.