We’re on the move!

The core team and trustees here at The Besom in York have been praying for a long time about moving office so that we can work closer with our Bundles of Joy team.

Just before Christmas, Living Word Church in Huntington offered us some storage space in their basement. It has been a huge help to have this space available. Since then,  Living Word have offered us some office space in their building, the same place as where Bundles are based!

We are so excited to move and be able to have things all in one place. But we are also extremely grateful for the time we’ve had here at St Columba’s. The Besom moved in, in September 2008, so we have been here just over 10 years! Throughout that time we have shared the building with lots of different charities, Reflect, Family Matters, York Neighbours and The Island to name a few. St Columba’s have graciously given us such a great space and its been a wonderful location. Particularly at Christmas time, when they have let us use the pews to organise our Christmas Hamper giving. It has been great seeing members of the congregation getting stuck in with giving their time and things too.

So a huge thank you to both St Columba’s for the space they’ve given us, and Living Word for providing us with space to move in to!

As we write we are packing up and moving things across. Please pray for us as we do so!

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With love from,

The Besom Team x


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