What can I give? #4

The fourth in our series – What can I give?

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” (Romans 12:12)


What can i give_ Furniture (2)

One of the most popular ways we enable people to give is by helping them donate their furniture. But this isn’t just big items such as beds and washing machines, it also includes smaller items like bedding, hoovers, toasters, clocks, crockery, chairs and lamps.

We could tell you countless stories where the things that have been offered to the Besom have ended up being the perfect match for a recipient – a red sofa that went perfectly with a recipient’s red curtains; an email from a key worker asking for a double mattress followed by an email from a giver offering one, a table and chairs fitting exactly in to the space it needed to in one of the homeless hostels; a microwave offered straight after we’d prayed for one; the list goes on!

Giving furniture can be a tricky process. We don’t have too much storage space, so we try to collect and deliver in the same day. This involves making sure both giver and recipient are in, that electrical items have been PAT tested, that we have a van team and that it all fits in the time our van team have! It’s complicated, but wonderful when it all comes together. Countless times we’ve seen God be so faithful to us, furniture being offered that’s most needed, homes for it to go to and providing people for lift and shift.

If you have something to give, we will try our best to find a home for it.

Please drop us an email – info@thebesominyork.co.uk