New Decade, Same Vision

[Written 9th March 2020]

The start of 2020 has flown by! We thought we would share some recent “sweepings” of news from The Besom in York. And while we are approaching our 13th birthday, our vision of enabling the church to give remains unchanged.

First off, in early January it was lovely to meet with friends from both The Besom in Sheffield and The Besom in the Wirral. We spent the day together, praying, worshipping and sharing stories and ideas on how to run Besoms better. It was great to link up with our extended Besom family.

Our van finally has some new signs! (And we really enjoyed being able to park in this picturesque spot recently!). It’s been through the wars recently and is currently in the garage after failing its MOT. We’d appreciate prayers for its speedy recovery!

Van with a view!

In terms of furniture, over the last three months we have helped people give:

  • two household packs
  • a toddler bed
  • six curtain poles
  • two kitchen packs
  • four stairgates
  • two cots
  • a rug
  • a cleaning pack
  • a single bed
  • a kingsize bed
  • a TV stand
  • a table and six chairs
  • a mirror
  • a desk
  • two prams
  • two wardrobes
  • a chest of drawers
  • an armchair
  • a bedside table
  • a double bed base and a cooker!

It’s been busy!

Besom blog March 9
The van team in action

We have also been given some money gifts which have helped those living in fuel poverty.


In February, we had the Archbishop of York Youth Trust Staff Team (left) give their time to help three different recipients with decorating. They did a fantastic job and we will hear more from them on our blog soon!

Our van team had a really special time delivering a cot to a family in need. It was a privilege to be able to assemble the cot for the family, and now their two-year-old no longer sleeps on the floor.

We have been really blessed to have the ReVive Team from Vineyard Church give their time again to help a recipient with her garden. Look at these brilliant before and after photos!

Besom blog March 9 (1)
Great work from the ReVive team at York Vineyard

And lastly, we have just started receiving some offers for some Easter Hampers, a real encouragement to us. It’s been a joy to ring some recipients who were unable to receive Christmas Hampers from us in December (we simply didn’t have enough to meet all the referrals) and offer them an Easter Hamper instead. If you would like to give one, please do get in touch.

Easter Hampers - twitter_instagram (1)

I’m continually amazed by what God does through the Besom each week and I’m looking forward to more stories throughout the rest of this year!

Becky Watson, Co-ordinator, The Besom In York